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Why yieldHUB?

yieldHUB is a multinational company specialising in Yield Management Solutions for the semiconductor industry. For companies who need to optimise yields, yieldHUB software provides them with a complete understanding of yields in manufacturing.

Our Customers

“Makes a product/test engineer 20 to 30% more efficient”

Director of Operations - Massachusetts

“It’s a ‘democratic’ system: everyone is up and running and able to do powerful analysis quickly, not just the ‘experts’”

VP of Quality – California

“It enabled customised reporting which prevented the need to hire additional engineers when additional data analysis requirements were introduced”

Director of Engineering – Ireland

Latest News

MFG Vision is now yieldHUB

MFG Vision is now rebranded as yieldHUB. In our 14th year and with customers in many parts of the globe, MFG Vision as yieldHUB will [...]

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