Level 3 Automated data pipeline

What is it?

If you choose Automated data pipeline, you get all of the features and benefits of level one and two along with automated flows from at least one factory/test house/foundry.

What kind of companies use it?

This is used by companies who have production test data generated on ATE either within their company or using subcons.

What can you do with it?

Custom scheduled reports can be generated by any user. They can also set up alerts and dashboards for material that did not behave as expected. All the data is analysable fully with the engineering data analysis tools.

What are the unique features of level 3?

  • Scheduled reports
  • Alerts
  • Material status updates and dispositioning within yieldHUB based on alert status
  • Consolidation of raw and rescreen data

How do we set it up?

Contact us today and we will talk to you about setting up a demo

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