Level 1: Engineering

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Semiconductor wafer

What is it?

yieldHUB’s Level 1 (Engineering) allows you to upload STDF data (or equivalent) to our servers and create powerful interactive reports from your browser from the data in seconds. You can add comments and share reports and analyses with other users. No software is required, just your browser.

Who uses this? 

Test engineers or Product/Test engineers.

What kind of companies use it?

Many companies start off at this level. The power of yieldHUB at this level is already greater than specialist STDF analysing desktop tools. A huge advantage of yieldHUB at this level is that the user can upload hundreds of files if they want and analyse the files together, which would be impossible for desktop tools because of RAM limitations. For example upload 10 lots of wafers, stack them and analyse the trends of the highest failing tests across all wafers in seconds.

What can you do with it?

  • Manually upload STDF data. (Automating upload is for level 3 of yieldHUB)
  • Analyse the data instantly (typically select wafers or lots and click on a report type)
  • Create a wide variety of reports and customisable charts

How do we set it up?

Contact us today and we will talk to you about setting up a demo. If it’s STDF you should be up and running within a day. We would setup your $your_company.yieldhub.com site, you can upload a few datalogs and we’ll show you what you can do.

Can yieldHUB Help You?

Contact yieldHUB today! Our global sales and support team will be happy to help.