An Overview

Outlier detection improves reliability for automotive, aerospace and military grade components.

yieldHUB offers solutions for wafer sort Parts Average Testing.

We also offer solutions for aerospace Out of Family detection.

For military grade parts, MIL-PRF-19500P specifies that ” The manufacturer shall ensure that the lot’s mean and standard deviation is consistent with previous lots. After initial qualification a minimum of 5 lots must be statistically monitored for spread and location. Significant changes between lots for average and standard deviation shall be addressed by engineering comment. Lot-to-lot variation control in spread and location shall be performed for each critical parameter. Control shall be based on a moving average of at least 5 lots, see D.3.9.1. This control is for comparing lots only ….”

yieldHUB offers MIL-PRF-19500P conformance for military clients.

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