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For companies who need to optimise yields, yieldHUB combines semiconductor industry expertise with the latest database and cloud technologies, to provide a cost effective complete solution.

  • We have engineers and sales agents in the USA, Ireland, UK, Taiwan, South Korea, Israel and the Philippines. We continuously invest in our people and our technology so that our customers profit from deeper and deeper insights into their manufacturing performance.
  • Our Data Model is unique and hugely scalable. You analyse data without having to download it first. This means you can analyse hundreds of wafers worth of data in seconds though clever data processing and innovative database design.
  • The analysis is done using your web-browser with no additional software needed.

“It’s easy to operate and can provide diverse reports.” Senior Manager, GS Tek, New Taipei City, Taiwan, a customer since 2010.


yieldHUB is an expert provider of web-based semiconductor analysis solutions that:
HELP IMPROVE the yield, quality and reliability of our customers’ products, PURCHASERS recommend to their organisations, USERS recommend to their colleagues and EMPLOYEES are proud of. yieldHUB is seen as a TRUSTED and VALUED PARTNER by our customers.

Meet the team

John O’Donnell
John O’DonnellCEO
Our CEO is John O’Donnell. John is a thirty year veteran of the semiconductor industry with a background in test development and product engineering and travels widely to customers all over the world. John has presented at numerous conferences and has several patents in test technology.
Jerome Auza
Jerome AuzaDirector of Engineering
Our Director of Engineering is Jerome Auza. Jerome is a twenty year veteran of the industry and is an expert in leading teams of database and software engineers producing robust products and features under tight deadlines.
Kevin Robinson
Kevin RobinsonDirector of Customer Success
Our Director of Customer Success is Kevin Robinson. Kevin is an expert in product and test engineering and our leader in Agile Software Development. Kevin travels widely and makes sure that our customers are benefiting to the max from our technology and makes sure yieldHUB delivers what we promise to our customers on time and with high quality.

Can yieldHUB Help You?

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