yieldHUB provides world-class data analysis solutions to the semiconductor industry

Why yieldHUB?

yieldHUB is a multinational company specialising in Yield Analysis Solutions for the semiconductor industry. For companies who need to optimise yields, yieldHUB software provides them with a complete understanding of yields in manufacturing.

STDF ResourcesLeading STDF resource on the web
yieldHUB CharacterizeBespoke tool to speed up a key part of NPI
Gage R&RKey part of NPI suite of services
Reports and alertsGet the information you need, when you need it
WAT Analysis and PCMGet an overview of these important areas

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Our Customers

“It’s a ‘democratic’ system: everyone is up and running and able to do powerful analysis quickly, not just the ‘experts’”

VP of Quality – California

“It enabled customised reporting which prevented the need to hire more engineers for additional analysis requirements”

Director of Engineering – Ireland

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