LIMERICK, Ireland, April 2, 2008 —
Mfg Vision Ltd., a provider of innovative yield-management solutions to the global semiconductor industry, today announced that its enterprise yield management (EYM) system, FloorVision, is generating breakthrough results at Cirrus Logic.

Cirrus Logic selected the tool in June 2007 for its exceptional performance, reliability and cost advantages and installed it at the company’s Austin, TX facility. Since then, the system has exceeded expectations in terms of speed and analytical capabilities. Now, it is handling well over 100 gigabytes of compressed data online with such ultra-fast processing rates that users virtually have real-time access to data. Other EYM solutions, in contrast, require engineers to wait 24-to-48 hours before critical data is available on-line. In addition to the speed breakthrough, the tool has been enhanced with advanced characterization capabilities and other unique features to further accelerate ROI.