Experienced test and product engineers (and managers of course) based in Europe or the U.S.A., regardless of the size of their company, will have to travel to Asia from time to time to help release products and develop relationships with foundries and test houses. That’s an enjoyable and learning experience although tough on the body and difficult for loved ones left at home.

Mfg Vision’s SaaS tool “FloorVision” helps in two ways to improve this situation.

Firstly, if your colleagues in Asia have access to FloorVision (recall they don’t have to work in your company, they can have access via a restricted ‘Third Party’ license), they can share analyses of great depth with you, and you can with them, in a single click on the web browser. This means that you don’t have to send any raw data to them or they to you. You can collaborate at great distances with only your browser and FloorVision. This should reduce your need to travel and if you do have to travel, should make it very focussed and efficient.

Secondly, while you are travelling, you can access and monitor all your product performance from your mobile and from your laptop in the airport or in your hotel, and you do not need a high speed connection. No longer do you have to have Vpn access or no longer will you have to download a lot of data before being able to see what is happening. Using the secure FloorVision web-site, you will be able to catch up immediately with all the performance detail for your products, do simulations, correlations and characterization reports. You will get any alerts on your smart phone and be right up to date with any exceptions which you yourself have set for your products.

So, in summary, FloorVision can help you reduce your overall travel and, when you do have to travel, FloorVision will help you keep in touch with your products and make your visit even more efficient. You can get back home to your family and not have to steal back to work on the way home to check if your products are now running as expected after your highly productive yet exhausting trip to the other side of the planet! Contact info {at} mfgvision {dot} com for a free trial.