Approving Set-ups for Subcons

One of our customers used to have a thick client data analysis tool (a popular tool amongst test engineers which crunches STDF data locally on your PC) which allowed them to do some analysis once the files were loaded onto their PC and the files connected up properly. Their engineers in Europe used the software to approve set-ups in China and Taiwan before full production release of a new product, or new revisions of test programs were released.

They lived with the fact that this exercise took four to five hours at a time and that raw data had to be ftp’d back from China for review.

They also lived with the fact that this could cost them from twelve hours right up to a day of production because the engineer in Asia might have left the office by the time they had sent the approval.

From Hours to Minutes

Now that this company has purchased FloorVision licenses, they are wondering how they ever put up with all those hours of data set-up and review. Now that the engineers in Asia also have FloorVision accounts, they share the correlation analysis/report with their colleagues back in Europe who can review everything in a few minutes, without having to receive any raw data and without having to set-up any analysis on their PC. The four or five hours is reduced now to four or five minutes. The engineer in Asia no longer has to wait around for hours to receive approval. Also, both sets of engineers are looking at exactly the same data, charts and statistics. Even if the European engineer does some further analysis with the shared report, he can share it back with his Asian colleague, maybe to explain that further checking should be done and possibly a hardware fix be made.

In summary, FloorVision can transform the speed of communication with your engineers in Asia and allow you to ramp up ahead of schedule and with far greater visibility of issues, without any exchange of tedious raw data and without wasting any time setting up special analysis on your computer. You’ll just need a web browser and a few minutes to review the data; and your colleague in Asia won’t have to wait around long to know whether full production can begin.