FloorVision 3.1 is being released in September 2010. It includes new capabilities and is much faster when plotting histograms of hundreds of thousands of units. New optional features include, but are not limited to, the following:
*  Complex Rules for Emailed Alerts. Designed for busy engineers needing to trap issues in high volume manufacturing.
*  Die Set Analysis. Designed for quick comparison of the behavior of certain die across different wafers.
*  Test Coverage Optimizer. Designed to reduce the cost of testing chips by helping reduce test time.
*  Compatability with JMP. Designed to provide one click downloads of data from certain tests from thousands of wafers.
*  Parametric Database Search. Designed to search the database in seconds for wafers and lots with certain parametric and bin behavior.
*  Creation and sharing of Projects on-line. Designed to organize and save analysis for collaboration and training.
*  All-round Speed and UI Improvements.