If you are looking for top-class support for semiconductor data analysis tools you have come to the right place. We provide fervent 24X5 on-line support because we want all our customers to feel comfortable with our service and our product. If there is a bug reported, we fix it as soon as humanly possible; and if it’s a request for a customization we provide a very cost competitive solution. We listen hard and this minimizes the number of meetings required to achieve a finished Statement of Work.

Upgrades for maintenance purposes or for enhancements occur typically about three times a year and we work closely with an internal customer team to make this seamless. We constantly work to keep FloorVision the easiest product to use in the market, as well as the most powerful for our customers, so improvements and enhancements are constantly being worked on for the next version. Every company we meet, whether a prospect or during customer visits, enhances our product for everyone over time. Alerts for Outliers, Reticle Analysis and our Test Coverage Optimizer are recent examples of tools inspired by prospects and customers alike.

We have a ticket system integrated into FloorVision, so bug reports or feature requests are immediately communicated to our engineers. This complements what we hear at meetings and we employ a web-based system for prioritizing work based on the needs we are hearing, with bugs, should they arise, always having the highest priority in the work pipeline. Contact us at info{at}mfgvision{dot}com for information about what we have to offer and what is pencilled-in on our roadmap for 2011.