As predicted by Google a couple of years ago and as evidenced recently “by Hewlett-Packard following the lead of rival IBM in possibly shedding its personal-computer business” (, the world is now most likely entering a post-personal PC era.

Young people starting college in 2011 will graduate in four years time with only a memory of the PC or laptop, as they have now but a memory of the CD player, or as my parents’ generation has but a memory of the typewriter.

So when these young people enter the workplace in 2015, or more specifically in this case, the semiconductor industry, as test development or product/process engineers, do you think they will be using PC-based tools like Excel or the like? Unlikely.

It’s fairly clear considering the pace of change that they will be using cloud-based apps for everything from reporting to monitoring to analysis.

There is no need any more for tools and data for semiconductor yield analysis to be local on your PC. They are already in the Cloud, as private as you like, but still in the cloud and accessible from anywhere for your dispersed engineering teams. No need to wait till 2015.