Many of our customers have teams of product and test engineers in different continents. Mfg Vision has designed FloorVision to provide instant sharing of information between such teams of development and frontline engineers trying to help each other fix a yield problem or get a product out the door as quickly and robustly as possible. Documents and images can be uploaded and shared, interactive analysis reports can be shared and added to a project on-line.

A product engineer in China recently needed to understand why FloorVision was showing certain pins in a high volume product were failing intermittently in production over the previous few days. She looked at the pinout in the datasheet, spotted something and highlighted the bottom right corner of the chip where the failing pins were clustered. She uploaded the edited image to FloorVision and after sharing with her colleagues back in the States, her suggestion of a fix was approved by the lead test engineer. She set-up a report in FloorVision to automatically email herself and the lead test engineer daily on the performance of the parameter. When everything seemed under control a couple of weeks later, she set up an exception alert to email her if this parameter failed at all again.

This type of collaboration happens every day with our customers. There is no exchange of raw data (e.g. STDF) needed. The collaboration is real-time analysis and information, and the teams, though in different states, countries or continents, get to know and respect each other’s skills because sharing is real-time with no set-up time needed even to see detailed analyses of hundreds of datalogs which could be equivalent to many GB of original raw data. No more “throwing the ball over the wall” or no requirement any more for formal weekly meetings to get things progressing. Progress happens quietly and relentlessly throughout each day and working relationships solidify over the private FloorVision cloud.