The following case study has been entirely written, and approved for release, by Diodes Incorporated on March 2nd 2012.

Ensuring Efficient Worldwide Engineering Collaboration

Diodes Incorporated is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality application specific standard products, comprising discrete, logic and analog semiconductor devices, serving global consumer electronics, computing, communication, industrial and automotive markets.

Operating large development centers in three continents and a major manufacturing center in Shanghai, China, the company selected MFG Vision’s FloorVision web-based semiconductor yield management system to ensure high-efficiency worldwide engineering collaboration.

Supporting Diodes’ global yield management and data analysis needs, FloorVision provides the company with a user friendly private cloud service that incorporates fast, numerically sophisticated and highly visual engineering tools.

The Gage R&R tool for analog test correlation analysis is just one of the many tools used collaboratively by Diodes’ product, test, QA and process engineers around the world and on a daily basis.

Enabling data collected in the manufacturing center to be compared statistically and visually against data collected in the regional development centers, the tool generates live reports, which are shared instantly around the world for analysis.

The following illustrates a typical interactive chart comparing development center data, shown by the red and green traces, with manufacturing center data, shown by the blue trace.

Providing all of the numeric- and chart-based tools required for a complete measurement system and product performance analysis, the FloorVision tool suite can scrutinize data by individual tester, DUT and socket and keeps a consistent check on the performance of golden reference units over time.

Through highly focused engineering collaboration supported by the FloorVision system, product test release timescales have been reduced, equipment control improved and debugging processes accelerated.

Kevin Robinson, Analog Test Engineering Manager at Diodes Incorporated said:

“The truly collaborative nature of the FloorVision system has led to some very positive changes in the way in which we work together globally to address engineering challenges.  In a highly competitive business environment, engineering resources need to be maximized and that’s exactly what we’re achieving here.”