How Quickly Can you Share Key Production Performance Information with your Subcon?

Do you find it difficult to communicate quickly enough with your subcon or foundry in Asia should a yield issue arise?

How do you share the information necessary to get a plan of action in place? Could it take days, even weeks?

With our private cloud solution “FloorVision”, you can provide your subcon or foundry with a license which allows them to collaborate on-line with your engineers in, for all intents and purposes, real-time should the need arise.

For example, say you discover a test which is failing and you discover from the charts and tables that it’s failing on one site in the handler only. No need to send the raw data back to the subcon for their analysis. Just choose the subcon from a drop-down and share the charts and tables on-line with your comments. The subcon will receive the email straight away and review exactly what you are seeing. After they have fixed the issue, they will also be able to review the new results and share them back with you.

Subcon Analysis is Limited to their own Material

Of course if you have several subcons, you won’t want one subcon to see material manufactured in another subcon. You also won’t want them to interfere with the production database, except to add comments. That is all taken care of.

The third party licensing for your subcons and foundries which is available with our private cloud YMS system FloorVision will help you reduce the need for conference calls, even travel and help you get to mature yields more quickly. It will even help you and your subcon get to know each other better through near real-time positive collaboration.