The more value companies can get from their resources, human and otherwise, the better. Common sense at the best of times but compelling now with the euro crisis and the impact it may have in Europe and potentially in the US and China.

The lower the cost of manufacturing and the lower the cost of key information about manufacturing, the better.

Traditionally one of the most inefficient and therefore one of the most expensive parts of an engineer’s job is dealing with data and trying to get and share timely and relevant information, generating reports and making sure that the information is relayed to the right people and teams who can act on the information.

To get the most out of test and product engineers, why not let them concentrate on what they are best at? That is surely test engineering and product engineering? I would argue that it’s not scripting. It’s not writing code to generate reports from data. It’s also inefficient for them to have to search multiple databases before they have the information needed. Give them a central place to get their information from.

Maximize Return on Salary

If an engineer is costing you $80,000 per annum and they spend 20% of their time looking for data, writing scripts on the data they find and reproducing reports on the data to different people, maybe refining the reports for more information along the way, you are basically spending $20,000 per annum on something which may not be a core skill for them.

You will be better off spending a fraction of that per person on a state-of-the art Yield Management System which has data analysis and report generation, and gets you full product and test engineering value for your $80,000. It will allow your highly prized engineers to generate any information they need wherever they are in seconds and get the benefit from regular upgrades from inputs from many companies worldwide.


In these cost-conscious and highly competitive times, your engineers will be happy with an employer who helps them become better engineers in what they specialize in. You as an employer will get much better use of your engineering resources. Less time spent searching for and dealing with raw data and more time spent on acting on information should be a key objective of any product and test engineering organization in these Testing Times.