Collaboration is probably an over-used word these days. When fabless companies are dealing with foundries, it’s really cooperation that is at play. When foundries are helping you fix your yield, they really are working on improving their internal processes, using your product as a vehicle. It’s win-win but not really collaboration.

Collaboration is when there is one common goal. Cooperation is when there are selfish goals on both sides but both goals are achieved by working together.

Our yield management system when used with foundries results in more cooperation than collaboration. As a fabless company, you will achieve higher yields and quality wafers more quickly by allowing your foundries to help you and by using a private cloud system like FloorVision so you can see the same thing as they can and share insights easily in a single click.

The foundry on the other hand will be improving their internal processes and helping not just you but probably other companies too indirectly. If you are OK with that, then you can benefit from a very high level of cooperation from your foundry and they will probably like working with you even more.