Our Yield Management Software enables engineers to set themselves to be alerted by our software for parametric (e.g. outlier), bin and yield anomalies should these occur with their product, even during the weekend. A stitch in time can save 99% yield!

However, the engineer can just choose to be alerted on the Monday morning when they come in on any issues that happened over the weekend. I heard of one test engineer who set other people to be alerted during the weekend (presumably for the fun of it) so now we only allow everyone in the list to be alerted no more than those who set the alert, and anyone who receives the alert can take themselves off the list if they so wish! (They can just change the frequency and/or day/time they receive them).

Because of the web-based nature of a YMS product such as ours, it does make it very easy for an engineer (subject to security-related restrictions which vary from company to company) to check their products at home or on the move when they are surfing on the web, even on their iPad or phone, so the reality is that we are probably facilitating out-of-hours working. This wasn’t such a big issue when we visited a prospect last week, cause one of the engineers suggested this would be OK once their boss issued all of them with an iPhone 5! (so they could see all the FloorVision charts quickly and nothing to do with all the other features of the phone!)

As regards the weekend issue, two days’ delay can also mean that a potentially dodgy lot gets shipped. Do you want to know that on the following Monday or in real-time on the Saturday when the outliers occurred in final test? That can be a hard one for engineers to countenance, but can potentially be managed without requiring the engineer to know anything till Monday, eg by automatically placing the lot on hold.

Better than putting your life on hold during the weekend?