As an engineer with no spare time in your hands for unnecessarily searching for data, you want to have up-to-date information about your new product’s production yield, parametric and bin performance in seconds before you go into your next meeting.

You may even want the information, up to the minute, during your meeting, in dashboard format.

MFG Vision’s new product yieldHUB brings this capability (and many more) to you and you’ll never look back.

When you need the latest information, you just need to click on a bookmark which generates the dashboard in a single page, comprising the series of analyses and charts you have decided you need to see on an on-going basis.

This report could include yield trends comparing subcons, the failing bins, the key fab parametric trends for your product and more. It’s up to you what you would like to include when you are editing the report. Then you set the bookmark when you have saved your preferred analyses.

The dashboard is available as a bookmark at the top of your browser. It can even be on your smartphone or tablet and also looks great on these. You’ll have a lot more time in your hands then for real engineering work, checking your dashboard when you need to, even as you get off a plane on your way to the test house.