Our customers are now saying that they are achieving 20% additional productivity from using our on-line analysis tools versus the popular desk-top tools which they used before.

One customer even claims 30%.

To put this into perspective, 20% means an extra day a week.

If you have twenty engineers in various locations around the world costing in total $1M per annum (or probably >$2M if they were all in Silicon Valley as a colleague pointed out!) and you put them using our tools, you could be getting the same work done as having twenty four engineers costing you $1.2M per annum. That’s a saving of $200K per annum just on extra productivity alone. Or $400K per annum in Silicon Valley (equivalent to the yearly lease in Palo Alto of a decent size office).

This amounts to a saving of $1 million per annum for every 100 engineers (in the worldwide example, or a $2M saving in Silicon Valley) using our system, less the very affordable licensing cost per annum of our system of course.

Why would any company continue to use a desk-top analysis system, no matter how good, when they can potentially gain huge savings using a fast, on-line, “use anywhere on any device” system?

The savings of course do not include the additional savings made through smarter decisions by virtue of the technology and tools that are being used. For example tools to quickly determine reticle effects, fab parametric shifts and index-time inconsistencies in test production.

Contact us today for more information if you want to see real savings from next quarter onwards. Maybe you could afford to open a brand new office closer to your customers with the savings!