Ah yes, the “500 and 1000” questions. We are more and more often asked these two questions: “what about files greater than 500MB?” and “what if we need more than 1000 tests? Can your software handle that?”. We are not sure what vendor they are used to, but these questions come up a lot.

These engineers must have been very frustrated at least once as this is the type of problem which only happens AFTER the data is generated. After discovering the first time, then they are limited in what they can do after that. So instead of enhancing their productivity, whatever tool they are using is limiting it.

Three examples:

  • You characterise a product which generates 5000 tests (because of course tests are repeated in sequence under different conditions). And when you try to process the data, you can’t, because the tool you have at your disposal can’t handle more than 1000 tests! And you only find out afterwards.
  • You receive a 1GB file from your subcon, the yield you are told is less than ideal and you can’t analyse it! Except you have another tool which can show you the innards of the file as raw data but it will take you a day or two if you are lucky to write a script to extract the information you need from the text output of that tool.
  • You really need to figure out what is the cause of a pattern of yield loss. In order to do that you need to do an ANOVA of 400 files of 100MB each and your desk-top software cannot do it! It works well for a few files but now that you are in serious volume, you can’t handle it! When you really need to. Cause you have a quality issue too which looks like it’s related.

This is where our new product yieldHUB comes in. There are no limits to the file-sizes or number of tests. You can analyse hundreds of files together and quickly see what is affecting your yield or the fail rate of the top failing parameters.

yieldHUB is a server side, private cloud system. It can leverage RAM of 64GB+ and dozens of CPUs. Desk-tops are no match.

Don’t be limited by your desk-top. Join the private cloud revolution which yieldHUB brings for faster and semiconductor data analysis.

With yieldHUB, the question now will be more like “Hmmm…what if we changed the limit of this test to between 500 and 1000? Let’s click here and try that.”