MFG Vision is headquartered in Co. Limerick, Ireland.  All of our Irish based personnel do not work out of there all of the time.  Many of our colleagues are based in the Philippines, some in Taiwan.  We have agents working on our behalf in the States, Israel, the UK, and mainland Europe.  We have customers in all of these places too, most of them having facilities worldwide.

Does geography really matter anymore? There was a time when working with colleagues or customers in other countries caused projects to take longer to be completed or deadlines to be missed, due to different time zones or different public holidays, for example.  If you were in western Europe, for example, and required information from a colleague in Asia, you generally had to wait until the next day before you had access to their reply.  But the problem wasn’t only caused by differing time zones.  It was added to by being confined to desk top computers and land line telephones.  Though revolutionary in their time, these confined people to receiving information only when in the office.

The idea now of being confined to receiving emails at your desk, in the office, simply seems archaic.  If there is a deadline looming or if an emergency of some sort arises, the chances are high that the appropriate person can be contacted by mobile phone and an email very easily received, even out of normal working hours, if necessary.

What the laptop and its like and the latest mobile phone technology have done for transmitting emails, yieldHUB has done for semiconductor yield analysis.  Put simply:  It makes life easier.  I don’t have to download any data, I don’t have to send data to a colleague in the other side of the world and wait for them to wake up, I don’t have to spend my weekend worrying about an issue that was flagged on Friday evening.  All the information I require is available instantly, at my fingertips, to follow, save, share and comment on.  No matter where I am or what I am doing I can get the information I require.  I can be in control.

Geography is no longer a consideration.  It has been confined to the history books.

Colette O’Malley
MFG Vision Ltd