First of all, congratulations after all the years of hard work! Many companies never reach the stage you have reached for one reason or another.

We at MFG Vision can help you in the ramp up. We are a trusted supplier to the industry, from Cirrus to SensL, from Cambridge to Hsinchu.

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Provide daily and weekly reports summarizing your production performance (Yield, Bins and Highest Failing Tests) from all your subcons
  • Provide alerts into your Inbox if rules for expected Yield, Bin Fail Rates and Parametric Performance are violated
  • Provide reports on the amount of data received and successfully (or not) processed into the database
  • Provide the fastest analytical tools in the industry for your WAT, Wafer Sort and Final Test data (e.g. our high volume multinational manufacturers can stack thousands of wafers in minutes, so anything you need to do can be done in seconds)

All you and your engineers will need is a browser and the login credentials to enjoy a clear and unambiguous vision of your manufacturing progress.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 13.34.30

You probably won’t yet need the advanced collaborative tools to share analysis and reporting seamlessly across your company but the system is scalable to hundreds of users eventually, so you are future-proof as your company takes off in the next few years!

Also, if you need product engineering support, we also provide that service. Our expertise can help you in achieving mature yield as quickly as possible so that your engineers can concentrate earlier on the next product.

For any or all of the above services, and if you are in an impending ramp-up position now or in the next few months, give us a call or drop an email to We are here to help as your supply chain gets into gear.