It’s hard to believe that the movie “Toy Story” is nearly 19 years old now. I was working at a multinational at the time and the web was in its infancy. It’s hard to believe that as a test engineer the tools that we used in those days are still in use now, and already there’s a Toy Story 4 probably in the making! By consciously or unconsciously setting limits on test and product engineers by providing previous generation analysis tools, manufacturing efficiencies and mature yield are not achieved as quickly as competitors, but also designs can be compromised. Test and product engineers are often provided with tools like the latter or expensive systems nearly requiring a new round of funding. There is another way and your competitors could get there before you do.

We are working with a subcon in Taiwan who had a problem going on for years with a particular company’s key high volume product. Within a couple of hours, unhindered by the datalog size (we’re talking around a gigabyte per datalog), by the number of tests (thousands) or by the number of sites (dozens) in the datalogs, and with the advantage of a database-oriented solution and clear graphical summaries, our engineer had the problem solved. Think of how much money and material that would have been saved had they had this solution a few years ago.

Scalability and Efficiency

With this scalable approach, enjoy the freedom of being able to test and monitor everything thoroughly (in initial production at least; you may want to cut down the tests later due to test-time or when you have a full handle on things) move to multiple parallel sites, even strip test, without being concerned about the analysis software not being able to handle it. Don’t have your highly educated and skilled engineers spend a few hours a day downloading, preparing, re-preparing and filtering data for a meeting. Take on that new handler on the market without worrying about the index time cause you know you’ll be able to easily monitor it.


We are well into the 21st Century now and engineers should be solving problems unencumbered by either cheap and technically limited tools on the one hand, or expensive tools which limit who gets to use them. They should all be able to work efficiently and collaboratively with a modern web-based tool-set which they can even use with their tablet if they need to. Engineers need to solve problems quickly, then move on to the next problem; they should not be trying to get the right pivot on Excel or sending reams of data to the guy lucky enough to have the license. When the time comes for a special report that needs to be automated, engineers should also be able to work with a data analysis partner, not just a product.

So rather than going for the cheapest solution or the one with the most expensive price-tag, there is another way: using an inexpensive tool-set and data management system designed and tested by product and test engineers. Give us at MFG Vision a call (+353 61 309745) or drop us an email ( and we’ll show you how you can break free of the limits so common in test data analysis and semiconductor yield management these days. As Buzz Lightyear would say: “To infinity… and beyond!”