(Limerick, Ireland and Warwick, UK, Sept 24th 2013)

MFG Vision Limited, the world leader in private cloud semiconductor yield management systems, is today introducing a new suite of tools targeted at Automotive semiconductor suppliers. The tools are an add-on to yieldHUB, MFG Vision’s industry leading collaborative platform for enterprise yield management.

Suppliers to the automotive industry striving to meet stringent quality standards often find it difficult to implement complex tools with many steps. Having the tools in yieldHUB greatly simplifies implementation and any related reporting. MFG Vision’s experience in the High Reliability semiconductor industry is an ideal platform from which to move to automotive. To quote Rich Sullivan of International Rectifier’s HiRel division:

“In terms of tools for High Reliability in the Mil/Aerospace sector, we at International Rectifier in Leominster, Mass., have used MFG Vision’s technology over the past couple of years and are very happy with the power of their database-oriented approach and the ability to have years of data on a secure internal server, with instant analysis, alerting and reporting. The customisability of MFG Vision’s software for our specific needs and the excellent support we have received from the start from MFG Vision personnel stand out for us in what is proving to be a truly win-win business relationship.”

– Rich Sullivan – Planning & Logistics Director – International Rectifier Hirel Division

“Not only are we offering ‘Out of Family’ instant reports, Parts Average Testing and Good Die in Bad Neighborhood algorithms, but also novel die-tracking capabilities”, explained Kevin Robinson, Director of Sales and Marketing at MFG Vision.

yieldHUB is the ideal platform for these tools.”, Kevin continued, “The efficient and hugely scalable database provides reports that can be shared instantly across your enterprise, and shared in read-only mode securely on-line with your customers. As we do already for High Rel semiconductor suppliers for particular formats for aircraft manufacturers and medical implant manufacturers, we can support these needs also for automotive suppliers in our highly customizable yieldHUB platform.”

In Wafer Sort for example, the full PAT flow can automated with assembly map updates customizable depending on your required output format. The setting of static test limits can be integrated into yieldHUB’s scheduling and on-line approval system, with all decisions logged and retrievable instantly if required even for dice probed years ago. Individual dice and wafers can also be tracked and commented on as they are tested.

John O’Donnell, CEO of MFG Vision added: “Being a successful supplier to the Military/Aerospace industry now for over two years and with these new tools in yieldHUB, we are extending our reach to the automotive sector. The experience of the extremely high volumes from some of our commercial customers in tandem with the high reliability requirements of our aerospace customers means that we have a unique combination of technology to bring to automative: thousands of wafers analyzable in minutes and proven outlier detection and alerting built into the data processing.”

These capabilities are being launched in the UK at the NMI’s Automotive Electronic Systems conference in Warwick today, 24th September. All are welcome to call around to our booth to see some sample reports and to discuss a demo soon with your own data.

About MFG Vision Limited

MFG Vision Limited provides web-based software to the semiconductor industry that simplifies the analysis of the data generated when manufacturing semiconductors. The result is more efficient engineering analysis, leading to higher yields and an increase in the gross margins and profits generated by its customers.

Founded in 2005, MFG Vision Limited is headquartered in Limerick, Ireland with a presence in the Philippines, Taiwan, Silicon Valley, Israel, the UK and Europe, supporting an ever increasing list of customers worldwide.

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