Bet many of you heard that question before.

Because my son of seven had just told me all about continents, countries, provinces and counties which he was learning at school, I explained that I chat with people from four continents and twelve countries regularly over any given month trying to help them improve the microchips that go into the iPad he was playing with.

I explained to him that between Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, microchips are being designed and manufactured every day. Teams of people are discussing them across the world, trying to design them better and manufacture them better. And my company is helping the teams discuss and make decisions on how things can be improved. He doesn’t have to know that the “things” are Quality, Reliability and Yield Management.

I then realised that what we do as a company is not technology as an end in itself. We help our customers deal quickly with problems and discuss them with people at the other side of the world. Using our technology, which includes social concepts, brings people together and helps increase their teamwork and mutual respect.

This is what we are about at the end of the day. Our mission is probably as understandable by seven year olds as by VCs.

– John O’Donnell