YH Startup

Use your data to help your company grow

The small amounts of data in a start-up situation may not warrant investment in the latest and greatest software. However getting things right from early on can save a huge amount later. We help start-ups to ensure that all possible information is found from whatever data is available early on.

yieldHUB is partnering with E.K.S.S. Microelectronics to offer this exciting service. Our latest software  will be used by E.K.S.S. consultants to provide yieldHUB for startUPs

yieldHUB for startUPs is a service targeted at semiconductor start-up companies who need to get the value from their data but do not have the expertise or software to do this themselves. The following are just some of the services that are offered:

  • Analyzing characterization results over corner lots vs. WAT results
  • Enhancing product robustness by analyzing first lots’ yields vs. sites vs. process
  • Analyzing drift on reliability testing
  • Checking for and identification of any reticle issues before large volume production
  • Discovering and recommending the elimination of redundant tests
  • Monitoring of early production

Both E.K.S.S. and yieldHUBstaff include semiconductor product and test engineers with over 100 years combined experience. We can bring that experience to bear on your data to give your new product the best possible start.

Contact us at: marie.ryan@yieldhub.com