Up to very recently, practically everyone bought the paper or switched on the telly for the latest news.  We had to flick through the paper to read what we were interested in, or ignore most of the news items on the telly till the news items we were interested in came up.

Lately many of us are subscribing to channels in Twitter or using Facebook and other social media to see the latest news. Youtube is probably not yet as popular for news, but that is also a growing news source, especially for the younger generation.

The difference? The news is now coming to us and the news we want to know about, not just everything as decided by a news editor. In fact, we the consumers are now our own editors!

The same is happening in the work place. An example from the semiconductor industry is how our product yieldHUB helps engineers monitor yields:

  • Engineers set themselves up in a few minutes to be emailed every day with the latest trends in their products: yield, bins, tests
  • They set themselves up to be alerted on their phone whenever there are anomalies in production performance, e.g. when a CpK for a key test is unexpected
  • They are alerted automatically whenever someone else adds a comment to the system in an area of interest to them. For example if someone explains why a certain bin has occurred.


Everyone is Busier!

People are busier than every today. So it’s ideal that with the latest media trends that they can look quickly at their phone to see what is happening in the world, right up to the minute.

Engineers are also busier than ever. Thankfully, with a system like yieldHUB they also can look at their phone and see what is happening in a production floor on the other side of the world.

The old newspaper’s days are numbered. The semiconductor desk-top tools which require so much set-up work before you can do anything: their days are numbered also. Life is too short and good engineers are too valuable any more for such unnecessary encumbrances.

A day a week per engineer is what can be saved vs these old desktop tools. How many additional problems can an engineer solve in that extra day?

This could be headline news for a company’s bottom line.

John O’Donnell
CEO, MFG Vision