The ability to catch semiconductor test and wafer sort production problems (problem bins, excessive yield loss, idle testers) in real time is obviously desirable in high volume production to maximise tester utilisation. Until now this has been awkward and expensive. Short of having an operator per tester, complex software and hardware has to be installed with a huge associated expense.


Not any more.

MFG Vision have developed a Real Time Tester Monitoring System which is seamless, inexpensive and fully automated. We’re calling it “realtimeHUB” and we made sure that it has the following characteristics:


  • Complete automation: nothing for anyone to do on the test floor for the software to do its job
  • Independent of the test program
  • Provides real time visualisation on the tester of yield per site and what’s failing
  • Does not interfere with testing except to issue alerts so the operator can decide to stop the tester if necessary
  • Allows remote monitoring of all testers on a webpage on any device (phone, tablet, desktop, laptop)
  • Has a database linked up to it for subsequent analysis and reporting
  • Is easy to install and maintain, not requiring additional hardware on the tester side
  • Is affordable

“realtimeHUB” is available for HP93K testers initially, with other testers to follow in the coming months. Please contact us for more details.