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2014 was a big year for “Big Data”, “Data Analytics”, the “Cloud” and “Social” and a key year for Mfg Vision as we grew sales significantly (>50% year on year). This was on the back of us investing heavily in 2012 and 2013 in developing our new and breakthrough product platform, “yieldHUB” which converges the four technology areas mentioned for our Semiconductor Enterprise Yield Management customers.

Moreover, our Semiconductor Yield Management platform differentiates from other traditional semiconductor data analysis solutions in key areas, including integrating a Knowledge Base, incisive Visualisation and instant Sharing and Collaboration tools. It’s also a Cloud solution with massive scalability (dozens of gigabytes of new data per day can be added to the database). You can also use your phone to analyse the data. So yieldHUB ticks the boxes for “Big Data”, “Data Analytics”, the “Cloud” and “Social Business”.

These are some of MFG Vision’s highlights from 2014:

  • We released separate new products based on yieldHUB for the Aerospace, OSAT, IDM, Fabless and Auto segments
  • Our shmooHUB product started to be used by a Tier 1 CPU manufacturer at 14nm
  • We greatly increased the scalability of yieldHUB, allowing tens of thousands of wafers to be analysed at a time
  • We added our real-time web-based tester monitoring capability, initially for Unix testers
  • We added customers in multiple countries, including a Tier 1 from South Korea and test houses in Taiwan
  • We grew our support in Taiwan, South Korea and the Philippines

With this momentum from 2014 we look forward with great enthusiasm to 2015. These are some of our goals for 2015:

  • Continue to work even more closely with our customers, listening to them and increasing the value we give to them
  • Continue to invest significantly in R&D
  • Expand our customer base further in Europe, Asia and the USA
  • Further increase our post-sales support

We also plan to attend more conferences in 2015 and share with the wider semiconductor industry why companies like KYEC, LG and Infineon have chosen to use our technology every day. One of these companies told us that our technology gives each of their engineers the equivalent of an extra day of real root cause engineering work each week which would previously have been spent looking for data, combining it and preparing reports manually.

At the end of the day it’s all about people and helping those people enjoy their work and make better decisions more quickly than they could do otherwise. With such added productivity, they will prosper along with their company. Here’s wishing you and yours a Happy and Prosperous 2015!

John O’Donnell
Founder and CEO, MFG Vision Ltd