MFG Vision reached a significant milestone of being ten years old earlier this month! Double digits reached, it is interesting to reflect that my son will also reach the grand age of ten years old later this year. Reaching 10 years old in age is certainly very exciting for a child, but for a company it means that you can just about call yourself established! As the company can finally shake the term “start-up” and my son takes his first glances towards adulthood I thought it would be interesting to explore a few parallels.

Teamwork: Growing in age and in stature my son enjoys sport a lot, especially team sports. Already he is seeing a benefit in working for the team not only for his own goals. I see this too at MFG Vision. We know that by aligning our goals, our development, our training, with our customer’s goals that we can build a team with our customers and achieve common goals. While my son becomes a captain amongst his peers, the MFG Vision team go from strength to strength to become a captain of technology.

Spreading wings, growing horizons: Representing his club and school teams at soccer my son is excited to travel to other towns, meeting new people, learning about new places. My own travel is global, visiting new countries, learning about new cultures. The multi national family at home and the multi national company in MFG Vision make the travel a pleasure and norm in both cases. MFG Vision has founders from Ireland and the Philippines, Eastern and Western culture and expertise coming together in MFG Vision. My son’s current dream is to expand his horizon’s to visit Madrid and the home of Real Madrid. MFG Vision continue to add more countries to our list of customer bases, actually as we pass 10 years in age we are well past 10 countries to support and learn from.

Finding niche areas to excel in: While my son quickly learns that being near the top in one school may mean that you’re just ordinary when compared to top peers from across the county or country.  MFG Vision are well aware of tough global competition. My son is one of those lucky people who can turn his hand to almost any sport and is close to the top of his class in almost every subject. MFG Vision have the solid grounding of an extreme volume product excellent for consumer product focussed companies. My son has learnt that he excels in soccer and in maths at school. MFG Vision have found that our software platform lends itself perfectly to provide world leading solutions for automotive and aerospace.

Technology: Steeped in technology from day one. A daily life of internet usage, cross platform systems and always being at the front edge of technology. This applied equally to a modern ten year old boy and a technology company such as MFG Vision. Using a computer while watching a video streaming from the internet on a tablet, is just normal at ten years old. MFG Vision as technology company also embraces the internet, cross platform technology and even social functionality to build a knowledge base in the system.

Hard work and reward: The final parallel to draw in this blog is perhaps the most important to me personally. I aim to be a family man and am an engineer at heart. I work hard to provide the right environment for my children to grown. To be encouraging and supportive but not pushy or smothering. In the same way, my management style is to encourage and support my team. To work closely with the wider team to create the best long term results. I have the great pleasure of seeing both my children, my 10 year old son being the eldest and the company that I am a part of, grow beyond expectation. Hard work can be truly rewarding.

Looking forward: Looking forward to the next 10 years I can’t wait to see how both my son and MFG Vision grow. Similar in age and in many things. I expect my son to grow into a fine young man and MFG Vision to grow to be recognised globally as on of the top companies providing semiconductor data analysis solutions. I hope that all of you are as lucky as I am to see such a bright future for those people and things that you love.


Kevin Robinson

Director of Sales and Marketing, MFG Vision Limited