yieldHUB, whilst attending a Design for Manufacture Network: “New Challenges in DFT” conference in Cambridge UK, today announces the appointment of Jason Bent to the position of Principal Engineer. Mr. Bent was most recently Senior R&D Scientist at ICEOTOPE.

“Having known Jason for a number of years, I am very excited to have him on board. Jason’s wide range of skills in semiconductor test, system test and software engineering will be a great asset to MFG Vision now and in the future. Jason brings a wealth of experience, a great work ethic and additional key expertise in system test. As well as increasing our bandwidth to support our growing number of customers, we see Jason adding significantly to our culture of continuous improvement. With this I am looking forward to introducing Jason to many of our customers who will benefit from his expertise.” stated Director of Sales & Marketing, Kevin Robinson.

On his appointment Mr Bent is quoted as follows: “I have been aware of MFG Vision’s products for some time and have always been impressed with them. MFG Vision is a company that definitely punches above its weight. The development team produces a product that is not only feature rich, but whose features are well thought through and geared towards solving real world problems. It shows that key members of the MFG Vision team have been actively involved in top end yield management and product development for many years.”

Mr. Bent has a rich range of experience from Electronics Technician at the University of Manchester to Senior Test Development Engineer at Zetex Semiconductors. Owner of Small Purple Boxes before joining ICEOTOPE where Mr Bent is a named inventor on a patent “Cooled Electronic System”. Gaining further experience as Managing Director of 4EG Technologies Ltd, Mr. Bent brings both technical and commercial expertise to MFG Vision.

About MFG Vision Limited
MFG Vision Limited provides private cloud software to the semiconductor industry that simplifies the analysis of semiconductor manufacturing big data.  The result is more efficient engineering analysis, leading to higher yields, higher quality and an increase in the gross margins and profits generated by its customers.
Founded in 2005, MFG Vision Limited is headquartered in Limerick, Ireland with a presence in the Philippines, Taiwan, USA, Israel, the UK, China, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Europe, supporting an ever increasing list of customers worldwide.
Its latest platform yieldHUB has been developed to help achieve higher yield faster for any semiconductor company or foundry.  The collaboration and knowledge retention capability is an industry first.  With targeted products released for each part of the industry MFG Vision provides focused solutions for all parts of the industry. For more information please visit www.mfgvision.com