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Act 1 Scene 1

10.03AM London, 5.03PM Hsinchu:

“Good evening Lisa”.
“Good Morning Tom, what’s up?”.

Lisa was a subcon production support manager in Hsinchu, Tom was a senior test engineer for a fabless company in London and they were both on Skype. 

“Just relating to our ‘Eiffel’ product, here’s the link Lisa”.
“OK, we just finish running another six lots Tom, right I see it now. Wow,10,000 wafers of data in this Statistical Bin Limit report, that report loaded up fast, there must be 10 gigabytes of data involved!”

“Try 400 gigabytes. By the way it’s right up-to-date, even includes those new lots, ran it a couple of minutes ago, try it yourself Lisa”.

It took a couple of minutes for ten thousand wafers. “Tom, I finish the report soon. I see there are 55 wafers would have been put on hold for the bin 10 issue. “

“Yes Lisa. I notice you added a comment about that also in Chinese. Brilliant. By the way Lisa, how long have you been using this new system?”

“Just a week. As a subcon we are just getting familiar with it. I appreciate the license you provided to us”.
“Brilliant, can you update production with the new SBL limits?”.
“Done. Production can continue now and we use the updated hold and scrap limits”.

“I suppose you can go home now Lisa? You probably expected this to take a bit longer?”
“Unfortunately I have to stay here anyway Tom. Another customer of ours is also finalising SBL but …” Lisa started.
“…they do SBL the old way and you have to verify using their system??” interjected Tom, who had the sometimes annoying habit of finishing off other people’s sentences.

“Exactly, they can’t share the report on-line and QA as usual and they require me to re-run the simulation on the customer’s current analysis system for …”
“…verification. Right Lisa, don’t envy you. Xie xie! Am off to a DFT meeting for our next gen product, bye. By the way, I shall be visiting you soon, looking forward to it”.

“Bye Tom,” replied Lisa, as usual cool as a breeze and preparing for a long night in the office. Tom seemed like a decent guy she thought, even if he tended to finish off her sentences. She then saw Charles, from a company which was a competitor of Tom’s, was also after coming on-line, probably about to message her. 

Act 1 Scene 2

10.08AM Edinburgh, 5.08PM Hsinchu:

shutterstock_230212897“Good evening Lisa”.

“Good Morning Charles. I expect that you have your SBL limits and data all ready for me for your Sinker product?” Lisa replies, a tad optimistically.

“Actually just wanted to tell you that I am still preparing it, I was hoping that I would be finished by now. It’s looking really good Lisa, problem is I have 500 wafers of Sinker to deal with but it will take me another day to finalise. There are hundreds of megabytes of data involved here remember”.

“Really?” said Lisa quizzically, thinking “Is that all?”. “OK Charles, let’s talk again this time tomorrow?”

“Aye, let’s do that, should have it ready for your wee verification by then. Hopefully production can restart fully later this week with a new set of SBL limits for Sinker considering all the wee problems we had last week. I am there next week anyway to follow up on anything on-site.”

“Bye Charles.” With that Lisa decided to pack up and leave her office. An early evening was always a bonus. She had time to go to the gym and catch up with her friends afterwards.

Only 500 wafers for the SBL report? That just take ten seconds in Tom’s system, Charles need to take two day’s work.“, it occurred to Lisa as she walked briskly past security. “Maybe I should say something to Charles when he here next week?”