Recent contracts with several subcons in Taiwan for our osatHUB product highlights several issues:

  • sheer volume of data breaks other analysis systems (think volumes associated with smart phones and Internet of Things)
  • subcons are keen to work even closer with their customers and need to be able to reliably analyse data, not just provide the raw data back blindly.

The benefits we bring to these “test houses” (as are they are known) which typically have hundreds or even thousands of automated testers of varying degrees of complexity, can be boiled down to:

  • ability for them now to set up automated reports which can be provided to fabless customers of the test houses
  • ability to handle vast quantities of tests and lot sizes efficiently and leveraging automated alerts when things go wrong
  • ability to quickly optimise yields for high volume products without spending millions of dollars on alternative software
  • being able to work closely on the ground with the vendor (MFG Vision) when unusual data has to be dealt with since these test houses have a huge variety of customers from all over the world.

We speak the same language as these companies (literally Chinese but also in terms of how they like to work closely with their customers and using innovative thinking and business processes to achieve those aims).

The end benefits are not win-win but win-win-win where the third win is the fabless company in Finland or in Israel or in Ireland or in the USA who now has a subcon in Taiwan that is now on top of production issues.

If you are interested how you as a fabless company or subcon can benefit from our solutions, contact us today. We at MFG Vision are committed to providing value and our pricing encourages the addition of many users quickly and affordably.