Engineering efficiency

With 2016 business plans made and  budgets set, now work towards achieving these targets needs to start; what will you be changing to reach those targets?
Will you carry on as before and hope that the competition doesn’t overtake? Will you be able to increase your visibility of operations? Bring your operations management into the 21st century? Take control with automatic reporting and drill down into all levels of detail?

At MFG Vision we’re always looking to become more efficient without losing our agility and ability to respond to customers’ needs. Like all rapidly growing businesses we’re also conscious of not losing our visibility of what happens with each customer. To answer this our new year’s resolution is to “Practice what we preach”.

So what do we “preach” at MFG Vision. We are passionate about data analysis. We are passionate about increasing efficiency of operations and engineering. And we’re passionate about supporting our customers. These are the things that we “preach”. “Use the right systems to extract the value from your data!”

One of our engineers had the brilliant idea to take the data gathered about our servers and customer site performance and feed it into our own yield management software. This is already proving to be a revelation. Not only do we have the analytics we need to see what is really happening but we now also have automatic reports set up to be keep us up to date on a weekly and monthly basis. Only a few clicks from any of our computers around the world and we can see the latest server and database performance data. And best of all, we have automatic alerts telling us if something starts to go wrong. These are exactly the advantages that we bring to semiconductor and (most recently) systems level operations management. It is quite wonderful to be enjoying these benefits ourselves.

What will be new to your operations management in 2016? I’d be very interested to know.