2548712897We all know that great customer service is a vital thing for any business to offer. Is it on your list of criteria, however, when you are choosing a system for yield management? And, if it is on your list, how high up is it?

First of all what do I mean by “great customer service”? In this case I mean that when you as a customer have a problem, we do our best to help you resolve it. Whether the problem is with your product where we can help or a problem with our software or service, how do we respond? We believe that we should always look at how to help our customers through issues.

By listening to our customers needs and supporting them we build excellent long term relationships. We know that this is why our customers return to buy from us again and again, signing long term contracts and expanding the use of our software to other parts of their organizations.

We prefer always to work closely with customers and have a common understanding of where valuable time should be spent to create win-win solutions. The old fashioned situation of vendors trying to extract every cent from their customers are gone. In modern times it is important to discuss with a customer to find the best solutions that are efficient for both sides. This close working fits well with our culture of being customer focused at all levels of the company and continuously developing our products.

So how important do you see support on your list of criteria? For us support is a fundamental requirement far more important than any individual feature of a system. Changing the culture of a company is very difficult. Therefore it is important to choose vendors who have the culture of customer service that will give you the best long term partnership.


By Kevin Robinson