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If you are managing Yield in High Volume Semiconductor Manufacturing, these are the things your top competitors are most likely not doing any more, so why should you?

    • Manually entering data in a Spreadsheet
    • Sending datalogs around the place
    • Asking subcons for data on poor lots
    • Hiring extra people to look at the data, write scripts to process the data & prepare reports
    • Spending more than a few seconds finding relevant data
    • Spending more than a few minutes stacking wafers
    • Organising and attending meetings just to agree on what the data is saying
    • Missing a trend until it’s too late

On the other hand, this is what top companies are doing:

    • Having all the data appear summarized in an on-line dashboard
    • Never having to look at an STDF file again, just seeing on-line what the STDF’s are saying
    • Having all their data, good and bad, fed automatically from each subcon several times a day
    • Hiring people for root cause analysis
    • Being alerted by a system only on new and relevant information
    • Doing sophisticated analyses on-line from stacking wafers to correlating across manufacturing, in minutes
    • Collaborating in real-time with their colleagues across the world, eliminating most yield-focussed meetings
    • Receiving daily reports by the system and alerts based on CPK and fail rate trends for key parameters

Is there anything that you are doing that puts you ahead in managing yield?