A Yield Management System (YMS) is virtually essential these days to manage volumes of product with fewer available engineers. But when your semiconductor yields in final test or wafer sort are already in the high nineties, why indeed would you need a Yield Management System like yieldHUB?

This is a question we received only the other day from a prospect. We also had this question a few years ago from an Israeli company in a similar stage of growth as the prospect, whose yields typically were also above 98%. They didn’t have the money to hire another product engineer, preferring to invest more on the design side and on a yield system which could predict issues.

The problem the Israeli company recognised was as follows: if something goes wrong, how quickly will they know? Can they even know ahead of time? Their main customer was demanding and had high expectations.

Know issues in advance

So the Israeli company asked us a few years ago: can we make sure that they get a daily report that their management can specify? Also, can they correlate yield with fab parameters and, very importantly, set alerts on the key fab parameters so they know weeks in advance if there could be a yield hit in final test?

In other words, they would know well ahead of time if a lot would yield poorly and be able to do something about it (e.g. replace the wafers). It also meant that they had a system that they only needed to use on exception, therefore reducing the need for hiring an extra product engineer.

Keep your delivery promises to your customers

Of course these are now fundamental features of yieldHUB: scheduled reports in your Inbox as regularly as you need them, correlation reports highlighting the key fab parameters influencing yield, and alerts that you receive when such parameters behave unexpectedly so you have time to do something about it and not affect your delivery schedules later on.

If you have high yields and customers who always need on time delivery, a system like yieldHUB can help you keep your promises. If you still rely on analysis after the event instead of using ongoing reports and alerts, maybe you should also consider such a systematic approach that yieldHUB can give you.

Contact MFG Vision today if you think that predicting issues from Fab data can help you deliver on time and if you think automated reports and alerts could help you in your day-to-day operations and yield management. The system will pay for itself in a matter of months.