Here’s an overview of our customer types who come from many countries around the world:

  • High profile international conglomerates who have semiconductor divisions often supplying chips to their own divisions, who like to have a system that helps them analyse millions of chips a month
  • Fast growing fabless start-up companies who want to concentrate on design wins and like to use our drillable dashboards to manage subcontracted manufacturing. They don’t want to be concerned about all the idiosyncrasies of STDF and all the other data formats live today
  • Fast growing system-on-a-chip and module companies who have complex supply chains and need to correlate across a multitude of steps to extract the highest final yield possible to keep their operating margins high
  • Companies who haven’t enough engineers to watch everything and so like to have automated analysis of what is going through the factory. We make sure their engineers are automatically notified to analyse what is actually important
  • Companies who have no IT department and like that we can host everything for them safely and securely on AWS. Of course we also offer in-house hosting where we don’t even need to see any real data ourselves
  • Companies who like to collaborate closely with their suppliers. Our third party on-line licenses allow such suppliers to analyse data from our customer to help our customer achieve high yield and quality delivery faster than ever. Examples are wafer suppliers to our customers who are provided third party licenses to see the effect variations in their fab are having on our customer’s products
  • Companies who see value for money in SAAS technology, or hybrid SAAS when they host our software in their own facilities. These companies typically are moving to the cloud or hybrid cloud for many of their systems, not just Yield Management software.

Who typically uses our software then in the above companies?

  • Product and Test Engineers for detailed and fast root cause analysis of any yield or parametric issues that arise in the course of a normal day
  • Managers and higher ups who use our Bird’s Eye View dashboards for an accurate and up to date glimpse of what is going on across their company in terms of yield and throughput
  • Foundry engineers who work between the Fabless company and their Fabs, to correlate any fab issues with the quality and yield of the semiconductors that end up as finished goods for sale.

What’s the typical result?

  • A complete understanding by our customers of their yields and efficiency of manufacturing. And if not, we close the gap being a listening and agile company dedicated to customer success.