MFG Vision is now rebranded as yieldHUB.

In our 14th year and with customers in many parts of the globe, MFG Vision as yieldHUB will increase recognition further but will not change otherwise in our commitment to our customers through stellar service and continuous R&D.

CEO John O’Donnell says “The name yieldHUB summarises what we do. Every source of information that will help improve “yield” is centralised (in a “HUB”) so that we provide a web-based “one stop shop” for engineers to help them solve yield problems. We found we are often called “yieldHUB” in meetings with customers and this also helped with the decision to rebrand.”

MFG Vision started in 2005 and the team at yieldHUB looks forward to years more of helping semiconductor and systems customers, old and new, by providing them with a complete understanding of their products’ yields and performance.