A customer question asked how to identify if fails relative to one parameter failed also for another parameter. The answer to this is to identify the bin for the failing test and then do test analysis for only the results from that bin.

In detail:

  • Select the required data from search.
  • Click on Analyse – All Tests (Datalog) – Aggregate as one group (or as required, could be by lot if you want per lot summary later)
  • Look at test in question and note number of failures
  • Click on Agg Binning at top of screen to open a binning report.
  • Look for the bin with same number of fails as the test.
  • Back to Tests analysis report – Options, Analyse Bin, choose bin, refresh table
  • Now you can see the results only from die / devices that fail for that bin and can see if they also fail other tests.
  • If you click on the + you can see the breakdown per datalog or per grouping (e.g. per lot if grouped by lot)
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