This is where “Consolidation” comes in. yieldHUB can automatically link up datalogs and take into account rescreen stages. So you can have a single, accurate view for each lot. This means yield, bin and parametric charts and stats are accurate.

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yieldHUB has worked on this topic for many years and has a sophisticated solution which has the following attributes:

  • Complete automation which is ideal for integrity of trend analysis as you ramp
  • Keeps the original per datalog analysis if you need to analyse them individually
  • Can incorporate custom rescreen. Sometimes certain hard bins are not re-screened
  • Allows the user to manually re-consolidate a lot if datalogs are wrongly marked by operator (eg a raw datalog is marked as rescreen, etc)

Once consolidation is set-up and “perfect” data (with the files correctly identified by lot and final test step) arrives from production, the database is cleansed automatically for final test. The manual tool will help the engineer clean up mislabelled data from production.