One of the most frequent topics we’re asked about is STDF (Standard Test Data Format). Here is a list of our favourite resources, along with our related articles, to make it easy for you to find them. If you’d like us to add anything or cover a related topic you can contact us and let us know.

What is STDF?

Standard Test Data Format (STDF) is the preferred file format for semiconductor test information.

YieldHUB article and guides

STDF articles
Standardizing STDF metadata
Improving STDF processing into a database
Case study: Extending STDF capability
STDF Datalog Analysis – Taking “Rescreen” into Account
Editing STDF and Text Datalogs: Is this a Safe Practice in Production?
Analyzing STDF data? Unique test numbers can improve productivity
Common issues with Automated STDF data upload
Dealing with large STDF data sets, then and now

Articles from the world wide web

Standard Test Data Format (STDF) Wiki

Revolvy guide page on STDF

Standard Test Data Format (STDF) spec version 4, Kanwoda

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Other resources

Fabless companies

Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDMs)

Outsourced Semiconductor and Test Assembly (OSAT)