At yieldHUB, we have a few customers who have very strict IT policies that do not allow remote access to their servers where yieldHUB is installed. We have a customer that needed an upgrade from FloorVision to yieldHUB. FloorVision was our first product developed and deployed in the market. It has been running quite well at that customer site for about 8 years. In that period, we have developed several custom tools for them.

I was tasked with deploying yieldHUB to that customer in Massachusetts, USA. What’s interesting with this trip is that it is dead in the winter at the customer location. At the time I travelled, the forecast for my city in the Philippines had similar numbers as that city where the customer is. The difference though in the unit, Celcius vs. Farenheit. I had the proper warm clothes of course and was advised by friends on various things that will help me survive the cold like lip balm, bonnet, layered clothing including that for my legs and of course the proper shoes.

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On site, it was a smooth installation process with the latest version of yieldHUB that had the custom tools of that customer ported from FloorVision. I took the opportunity to test yieldHUB in their environment that have very strict local area network protocols. I also took the opportunity to give an orientation on the “behind the scenes” of yieldHUB to our new colleague Carl Moore who is based in the area.

Then we spent a few hours with some users and their IT support staff going through yieldHUB. We replicated some issues on FloorVision that many users were complaining about. One such issue was a nine minute delay processing on some files that were manually uploaded. They still process fine but just took too long and was already testing the users’ patience. We were able to implement the fixes overnight on yieldHUB with support from the development team back in the Philippines.

The onsite review that Carl and I did with the users gave us insights on how they were actually using our software and what issues they were facing. The issue on the long delay for processing, while already raised to us, the impact of that issue to the users was never apparent to us because we could not replicate it. It happened to them because of their unique setup with the custom tools they were using.

On my last day at the customer site, we did a final review and found one more issue that require an update in the next week. We set an appointment on when to implement the update onsite with Carl doing the updates with the customer’s IT staff.

On my way back home, the temperature was falling fast. I had a stopover at New Jersey and enjoyed an evening of light snow. Fortunately the snow storm on the forecast did not really turn nasty and did not cause delays on my flights going home. The plane left the east coast with the temperature outside at -9C and even dropped to -18C the following day. Now I’m back home in the comforting tropical weather.

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