Being an Irish company and with the weekend that’s in it (St Patrick’s day is Sunday in case you didn’t know), here’s a translation of common phrases used by Irish engineers that might be helpful to our American friends

Question from AmericanIrish answermeaning
How's your yield?'Tis grandDoesn't really know, but nothing is urgent
How's your project?Sucking dieselGoing great
Let's drop this testSoundHe/she agrees
Was it sunny in Galway?'Twas splitting the stonesYes, it was sunny
How did you get on last night?'Twas great craicHe/she had fun
Tom says his program is perfectMar dheaDoesn't believe Tom
What happened to the probe card?It's banjaxedIt doesn't work
What about your next project?The put it on the longfingerIt's put back to next year
Any sockets for the new handler?They're like hen's teethNo
How did they inset the card?ArsewaysWrong way round
When did you work in design?Not in donkey's yearsNot for many years
How's your colleague?Pure sound likeGreat
What the hell?Stop giving outStop complaining
What happened the Gage R&R?I made a hames of itI ruined it
How did your boss react?He was effin' and blindin'He was angry
We got the product releasedFair playWell done
How many tests in our program?Tests galorePlenty
No QA failsDeadlySuccess
All excited with the new project?Up to 90Yes
How's the new office?SavageGreat
You were late for the meetingI was mortifiedI was embarassed
Will you finish the project this evening?I will yeahThey definitely won't


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