“So, What do you do?” I was at a conference recently where someone asked me this question. I’m new to my role so haven’t quite come up with a short answer. Even the quickest answer takes a while to explain* When I try to explain it to people, I get one of two responses. The first is when their eyes glaze over, as they lose themselves in thought, ready to jump in and change the topic. The second is when they ask “What is a semiconductor?”

I struggled to come up with a good answer, until recently. Following a customer meeting, the company’s IT engineer compared the opportunity for data analysis with yieldHUB to a gold mine. Since then when people ask me what I do I say “I help people to turn their data into gold” In this article, I’ll explain how yieldHUB is like a gold mine, turning raw data (ore) into valuable information (gold) or even more.

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Level 1: Engineering analysis: Panning for Gold

Since the late 1700s, Americans used pans to try and find gold. They wanted to find nuggets to hit it big. The people panning for gold usually worked in isolation finding small nuggets but often found only gold dust.

yieldHUB’s most basic services are level 1, Engineering data analysis. It provides leading analysis into your yields, finding nuggets of information in the data. Many companies start with it before adding our more sophisticated tools and modules.

Level 2: Advanced Engineering analysis: Advanced Tools

After a few people got lucky panning for gold, they realized that there was something in it. Businesses began to invest in tools to make more money. Shovels and pick-axes were used to access deeper, larger veins of gold.

Similarly, yieldHUB’s second level, Advanced Engineering Data Analysis has all the benefits of the first version, with advanced features. Our Gage R&R tool allows you to identify tests that are likely to cause issues in production, so you can fix these before you go into high volume production.

yieldHUB Characterize is a new innovation, proving popular with engineers who work in new product introduction. The module allows you to speed up a key part of the NPI process. With yieldHUB Characterize the characterization report saves days of manual work and allows engineers to analyse many more combinations of conditions easily.

Level 3: Production Analysis: Working in a gold mine

When enough individuals make it big, business began to invest in gold mining. Not just developing tools, but mining for gold. This meant far greater quantities of gold were produced on a regular basis.

yieldHUB’s level 3, production analysis integrates with your workflow, so you can make use of your data. The system has automatic reports, so you will receive updates daily or weekly. It also sends alerts. When the system detects an anomaly, it will notify you.

Level 4: Advanced Production Analysis: Moving beyond gold!

Gold mining became more sophisticated and mines became deeper and larger. The technology was then used to mine for even more precious metals such as platinum.

In yieldHUB, we help our customers move on to the next level of value from their data. Are you satisfied with gold or do you wish to find more precious information? With advanced capabilities such as genealogy correlation which correlates data from the wafer fab to final test and even into systems, yieldHUB finds even more valuable information in the data. Find out about Level 4: Advanced Production Analysis

Level 5: Enterprise: Diamonds too!  

Whilst mining for precious metals is certainly big business the literal “jewel in the crown” is precious stone mining.

As a company, we at yieldHUB work closely with our customers to help identify where your diamonds can come from. We have the capability to customize yieldHUB to deliver the valuable information that gives you the highest value possible from your data. Helping you to deliver new product introductions faster, ramp up yields faster, and add value with automatic compliance to industry standards (automotive or aerospace for example). Find out about Level 5: Custom Analysis

Are you missing out on a gold mine?

If you are a semiconductor company, fabless design house, integrated design and manufacture, or manufacturing subcontractor then yes, you are sitting on a potential gold mine of valuable data but only if you start putting your data into a database like yieldHUB. So start putting the data in as a first step. More and more sophisticated tools over time may even produce platinum and diamonds for you, but my advice is to start putting your data in as soon as you can.

*I work in marketing, for a software company. We provide Yield Management Solutions for semiconductor companies.