Customers of yieldHUB have a common need

We are over 15 years in business, with customers in different parts of the world. Irrespective of the profile of any customer, the need is common: they want to be on top of their manufacturing yield. This requires analytics and visualisation that go beyond the spreadsheet.

What Our Customers Say

“yieldHUB makes my team 10 times more efficient. They spend little time transferring data. We are very happy with yieldHUB and recommend them to Fabless companies about to start production.”

Byungwoo Han, Principal Engineer, ADTechnology Inc

“yieldHUB is cost-effective and easy to use. The system is very intuitive. You can tell that it was developed by people in the industry, who know what they are doing.”

Patrick McNamee, Director of Operations, EnSilica

“yieldHUB offers the best combination of production visibility in an intuitive design at an affordable cost. We are confident that it will continue to meet our ever-evolving needs.”

Ray Clancy, Vice President of Product and Test Engineering, Movandi

“I am impressed by the remarkable speed yieldHUB processes large datasets. The ‘Cp/Cpk’ feature is very useful for test development and yield optimization. This tool certainly masters the ‘big data’ problem.”

Neil While, Test Development Engineer, EnSilica

 “We’re delighted to be working with yieldHUB. Their big data software and worldwide support allows us to manage our yields effectively over the years and their solutions evolve with our needs.”

Julie Holland, Vice President, Corporate Operations of Diodes

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