What kind of companies benefit from this level?

Many Fabless companies use these services.

What are the features of yieldHUB

Cloud-based: Access your data anytime. You and your colleagues can access your data anytime, in any timezone

Knowledge-base: Our integrated knowledge base allows you to comment on data, build and share knowledge with production, development, other engineers and even your customers

Secure: Our data is hosted on AWS (Amazon Website Services), the market leader. Your data is safe and secure.

Trust and security: Our customers access huge volumes of proprietary data every day. We have NDAs with all of our customers. We can sign one for you or provide you with a version. All employees sign confidentiality agreements. We are trusted by leading companies worldwide

User interface:  We designed yieldHUB to be easy to use. You can find complex data, presented neatly, at the touch of a button

What services and capabilities do we offer for New Product Introduction (NPI)?

Parametric analysisAnalyze parameters and tests in detail, including and applying filters
Bin analysisBin galleries, stacking of wafermaps, trends
Indexed correlation/drift analysisPopulation drift analysis and per die drift analysis across wafer sort or packaged test strips
Test time analysisDo you store test time in your datalogs?
Sensitivity analysisWhich tests are most sensitive to a change in test program? Might reveal something unexpected
Gage R&RMake your program insensitive to setup with a highly visual gage R&R tool
CharacterizationFully understand the variations in behaviour of your new silicon due to changes in Material or Test Conditions
Virtual Re-restTweak test limits in simulation mode and investigate the effect on yield
Calculated Tests/Multivariate analysisCreate tests from other tests, eg test1/test2 or test1 with different set of limits. Done virtually in the database
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How do we set it up?

Contact us today and we will talk to you about setting up a demo. We would setup your $your_company.yieldhub.com site, you can upload a few datalogs and we’ll show how we can help you.

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