If you choose Advanced Production you get all of the features and benefits of engineering and production along with outlier detection or equivalent advanced analytics applied to your data.

Integrating states of manufacturing:

yieldHUB integrates data from manufacturing processes across all stages. For example, Fab, wafer sort, final test, system level test and more. This makes it easy for you to access all of the data in one hub

Correlation and ANOVA:

Using a unique genealogy linking method yieldHUB enables correlation between manufacturing stages and analysis of variance using grouping of data from different stages. This allows you to identify and correct  possible issues and trends in real time.


yieldHUB is scalable, from a few gigabytes to multiple terabytes. The data analysis grows as your company grows.


You can set up alerts for bins, yields, and parameters. Once you set up reports, they will be sent automatically to you and whomever you want to include. This saves you time generating and sending reports. Linking data via genealogy can also be automated as can rescreen algorithms for accurate yields.

What are the unique features of Advanced Production?


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