The key to semiconductor characterisation is the association of any test results to conditions applicable at the time of testing.

For example, what temperature was the fixture at? What was the power supply voltage?

These conditions can be embedded in the datalogs and we can recommend how to do this efficiently.

yieldHUB uses DTRs in STDF datalogs. In text based datalogs yieldHUB detects conditions from strings placed after the character @ in the test name.

We are flexible once the formats you like to use are consistent.

We read conditions from DTR statements within the STDF file.

Contact your tester vendor about DTRs and you will find they are generally simple to implement.

Once the conditions are embedded in STDF (or ATDF) using such a method, then our characterisation tool should be able to process your data seamlessly. We can work with you in any case to make sure the conditions can be read reliably.

For text-based datalogs, we use the @ character to embed conditions in a test name. Contact yieldHUB for more details.

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